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ENSTIB (School of wood science and timber engineering) offers foreign students two international courses on the theme of “Wood Science and Technology”. ENSTIB is the only public engineering school in France to offer semesters preparing general engineers and researchers to take on the challenges that the wood and forestry sectors, and natural fibres industries face. ENSTIB’s constant collaboration with research laboratories, technical transfer centres and industries on Campus makes it a catalyst for innovation.

Presentation of the “Wood Sciences and Technology” program

  • Both semesters are made up of modules that will be taught in English.
  • During practical work sessions, students will be paired off with English-speaking students.
  • Throughout the semester, foreign students will be accompanied by an advisor.

Semester 1: Autumn-winter semester / Wood forest sector / Wood materials course

  • PRD (6 ECTS) – The “PRD”: Research and Development Project is a project which allows students to learn more about technological research on subjects of industrial interest for companies or research laboratories. All teachers are involved in this important step in the engineering students’ curriculum.
  • UE 5.3 (8 ECTS) Wood anatomy MOOC + M2 Structural and anatomic properties + M3 Chemical properties
  • UE 5.4 (5 ECTS) M1 Chemical thermodynamics and kinetics + M3 Introduction to combustion
  • UE 5.5 (7 ECTS) Practical: Product representation and process engineering
  • TP – Practical Work in communication (4 ECTS)

Semester 2: Spring-summer semester / General use of wood

  • UE 6.1 (6 ECTS) M2 Management and communication
  • UE 6.2 (9 ECTS) M1 Biological wood degradation and preventive solutions + M2 Finishing stage
  • UE 6.3 (9 ECTS) M1 Assessment + M2 Fluid Mechanics
  • UE 6.4 (7 ECTS) M1 Wood mechanics and regulation
  • UE 6.5 (6 ECTS) Practical – Practical Work Design and Process Implementation

Should you require any further information and/or should you decide to enrol in one of these semesters, feel free to contact us at:


International students can choose between two options to come to study at Enstib :

  • An exchange of 1 or 2 semesters
  • A qualifying course of 2 or 3 years according to your prior academic level

Our engineer level course (equivalent Master’s degree) lasts 3 years

Final date for reception of applications is :

  • 30th May or 30th October for admission to an exchange semester (according to semester requested)
  • 30th May for admission to a qualifying course.

Most of our courses are taught in French, so a B1 level is a minimum requirement to follow a cursus.

Several courses are also taught entirely in English :

Practical info : Epinal is a small, student-friendly, human-sized town in the East of France. There are several student halls not far from the school. We also have a ‘’Buddy’’ system whereby each foreign student is sponsored to promote integratation !

Should you require any further information, feel free to contact us at: