life in Epinal

  • Studying in Epinal means enjoying a unique environment made up of forests, lakes and rivers, along with hiking paths and mountain biking trails, pretty close to the Vosges mountains.
  • Studying in Epinal means benefiting from quality cultural offerings, such as festivals, auditoriums, a movie theatre or a multimedia library plus a wide array of sport-related activities and structures, among which an ice skating rink, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a skatepark, canoeing facilities, tree climbing and one of the most effective planetariums in the world.
  • Studying in Epinal means benefiting from all sorts of services entirely dedicated to higher learning: a student center, dormitories and cafeterias, including one in the heart of ENSTIB campus.
  • Studying at ENSTIB means being able to get involved in enriching and convivial extracurricular activities, organized by a juiced up student union: they range from humanitarian aid to sport or environmental challenges and even famous events often accompanied by the Lapachol Orchestra.

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