The courses on offer at ENSTIB provide companies with the possibility to contact a wide range of profiles relevant to their recruitment needs, whether these be for interns, sandwich course students or new graduates.

The Association of ENSTIB engineers, or AIENSTIB, offers companies tailored assistance including

  • Distribution of your job offers
  • A regularly updated CV bank
  • An annually updated directory of our working graduates /

Whatever their diploma, our students are involved in the life of your companies, thanks to their tutored projects, end-of-studies projects and internships at all levels.


Nearly 60 companies participate every October in the ENSTIB’s Internship and Work Forum.

These companies from all over France, but also from Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, come to offer internships and jobs to students and future candidates in degree courses, ABC Master’s degree courses, and 2nd and 3rd year engineers – all in all, approximately 300 candidates.

The day is organized like a series of job interviews. Students make appointments and apply in person to the recruiters who are installed in individual boxes in the technology hall.

The alumni association AIENSTIB is also present at the Forum. Many of the exhibitors are old students of the school, there to recruit for their company or their employer.

The Forum has been in place since 2009 and every year, strengthens ties between businesses and the school while helping students and future engineers to find an internship or their first job.

The 2020 internship and work forum will be held on
8th october 2020

For further information on the forum, please contact Eric MOUGEL