The laboratories at the ENSTIB

There is a considerable number of research results that have been applied to value added products and processes that have been developed by the laboratories at the ENSTIB.

They show how the University and the Enstib are involved, via their laboratories, in the research and development at the service of both existing industries as well as to facilitate the emergence of new industries.

Wood, textile, paper, biomedical, packaging, construction, the automobile industry, aeronautics…..are some of the industrial sectors that apply some of the School’s research results on wood and fibers.

LERMAB: Wood Research Laboratory

Research sector : Wood composites, panel products drying, wood energy, adhesives, gluing and surface treatments, wood preservatives and microbiology.

Research teams present at the Enstib :

CRAN: Research Center for Automatic Control of Nancy

Research sector : Automation, production technology, logistics and signal treatment.

Research team at the Enstib :

IJL: Institut Jean Lamour

The team # 402 is located on the Fibres Campus (Epinal) and hosted by ENSTIB, an engineering school of the Lorraine University. Consistently with its pedagogical and industrial environment, team # 402 prepares and characterizes new porous materials derived from natural resources: proteins, polysaccharides or vegetable polyphenols. These materials, having organic, carbonaceous or even ceramic natures, present a number of applications in the fields of energy and environment.

Research team at the Enstib :