École Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois

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A unique living place at the crossing of many cultures

As the only public engineering school in France to prepare executive personnel, engineers, researchers etc. and promote research studies and technology transfer for the wood and natural fibres industries, the ENSTIB is the logical partner for foreign institutions willing to develop exchanges and partnerships in these fields with and within France.

Dozens of conventions with foreign universities and institutions (Europe, Africa, Canada, Chile, ...) have been signed and are active.

Participation in the European programs : TEMPUS, PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci, COFURN, SOCRATES-ERASMUS... ENSTIB is a founding member of INNOVAWOOD.

27 rue Philippe SÉGUIN
CS 60036
88026 Épinal Cedex
Tél : 03 29 29 61 00
Fax : 03 29 29 61 38

The former students bear witness

Just before choosing Master of engineering studies, we are often lost in the great number of opportunities. I chose ENSTIB because I was intrigued by its wood specificity.
I visited the School the day I was interviewed by the selection committee and I must admit I was definitely convinced that both the training and the atmosphere would be right for me there.
With hindsight, I can assert that not only was my choice enriching but it also represented an asset for the future. Indeed, wood material is central to many areas of activity such as passive building and construction, eco-design, green chemistry,…
I was offered a job right after the end of my training. I am a consultant in a society named Arcanne which is totally dedicated to the wood sector.

ngineer, Class 2011
Consulting engineer in wood and environment, Société ARCANNE

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