research & development

LERMAB is the University of Lorraine’s multidisciplinary laboratory and is approved by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. It conducts research into the valorization of wood and natural fibres in multiple scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, process engineering, materials, mechanics, civil engineering and energy.

Institut Jean Lamour, associates the University of Lorraine and the French National Centre for Scientific Research. It is specialized in the science and engineering of materials and processes and, with its comprehensive range of skillsets, is capable of working with materials in all stages from the study of their properties to manufacturing processes.

CRAN, , or Nancy Centre for Automation Research, conducts research centered on Industry 4.0 issues and the digital transition for wood industry companies. Its centers of study include imaging for Quality, swarm intelligence, optimizing production system steering and logistics, digital engineering for BIM and construction.

CRITT Bois, or Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Wood Industry, lends its technical and organizational know-how and support to different participants in the wood industry, offering studies, trials and applied research in wood and construction.

CETELOR, or the Lorraine Textile Test Facility is a University of Lorraine-affiliated technology transfer hub and laboratory for textile metrology. It is dedicated to research and development in natural or technical fiber-based flexible and composite materials and is active in textile innovation at all stages, from the fiber to the finished product – thread, fabric and non-woven cloth).

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