Enstib (Higher National School of Wood Technologies and Industry) is the only public school in France to train engineers in the wood sector. We are young, creative, dynamic and enthusiastic and dedicated to promoting the role of wood in future technology. Now, more than ever, wood and bio-sourced materials are essential to the eco-friendly circular economy as natural and renewable resources.

ENSTIB’s ambitions for the future are to put together projects enabling us to establish a solid base of technological training and promote laboratory research and socio-economic links, both on a national and international level. Our concerns – wood in construction, logistics, the bioeconomy, biorefining, robotics, factory 4.0 – reflect companies’ concerns.

ENSTIB has been building a unique structure dedicated to wood and its applications  for over 30 years. Our variety of courses lead to qualifications adhering to the European «LMD» system. In addition to this, we have developed unique facilities made up of research laboratories and technology transfer centres dedicated to wood and wood applications.
With new teaching practices and training courses adapted to the needs of professionals of the forestry-based sector, the whole ENSTIB team is devoted to developing students’ independence. The central preoccupation of ENSTIB research professors and guest speakers from the socio-economic world is to teach the students how to learn. Therefore, they provide them with the working methods and key knowledge that will be necessary for their professional future.