Wood Construction Architecture


This course of studies permits to the architects and engineers to be dual skilled through an original training on the wood implementation techniques in construction.

This specialty of Masters aims to build up a wood construction culture which will allow as many points of view as possible and be shared by all the people who are interested in this field. It helps the architects gather the essential technical knowledge they will need to handle a wood construction project. As to the engineers, they better understand the many characteristics of this material during a project.

Last but not least, it brings both the architects and engineers the opportunity to work together thanks to the shared knowledge in order to optimize the design part of the project and make it as cost effective as possible. The final objective being a better architectural, technical and environmental quality.

Major job prospects:

The training is given by a teaching team made up of professor-researchers but also architects, engineers, industrialists…who are specialized in this field. The diploma is jointly issued by the ENSTIB and the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Nancy (the School of architecture in Nancy), in collaboration with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg.

The one-year training is divided into two semesters:

Both students and auditors are free to do some supplementary activities (work in an architecture or design office…) at the beginning of each week. As for active professionals (architects or engineers), they have the possibility to attend the training while working part time.

Total number of students for this Masters: 20.