ENSTIB : an engineering school within the « Fibre Campus » of the University Henri Poincaré – Nancy 1

A unique school with focusing on a promising industry

Created in 1985, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois (National School of Wood Science and Timber Engineering) is part of the University of Lorraine. Since the first of january, 2012, the 4 universities (INPL, UHP Nancy 1, Nancy 2, Univ. P. Verlaine Metz) gave birth to the University of Lorraine.

As an Engineering School depending from the Ministry of Education, it is a Public School. The ENSTIB delivers an engineering Master degree recognized by the Engineers National Council in charge of academic accreditation.

For over 25 years, the ENSTIB has been concentrating its activities on the wood industry and has trained generations of engineers and executives holding today high-ranking positions in a field enjoying a continuous and steady development. Today, the School starts focusing on an additional, new field of expertise, namely natural and renewable fibre materials, within a Campus dedicated not only to wood but also to natural fibres. This still in association with the wood industry that brought about its renown in France and abroad.

The School’s priorities are employment, professional integration and the ability for the graduate engineer to smoothly adapt to the economic and industrial world.
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