The synergy of research skills on the general fibers theme on the Wood Campus serves well its interface with industry. The aim of these technical proximity centers is to meet a strong local and national demand both for technical support as well as for technology transfer.

CRITT Bois: Centre of Resources for the Wood Industry

crittboisWith an annual turnover that is higher than a million euros (70% of industrial contracts and 30% of public contracts) and 300 client firms, the Critt Bois is the resource center for the wood industry. It has been closely associated with the Enstib for the last 20 years and follows the technical development of companies in the following domains :

  • Wood as a material, materials from wood and, more particularly, surface finishes
  • Wood for energy
  • Industrial management
  • Building and Construction
  • Fabrication and prototyping


cetelorThis textile technological platform is dedicated to the local textile and garment industry. It is part of the UL, in partnership with local training centers.

As a technical facility and a resources center, Cetelor’s aim is to help textile-related firms to develop from a strategic, technological and economical point of view. It offers such services as measurements, tests, quality check and economic intelligence.


ctpThe CTP is located in Grenoble and has opened a branch on Epinal’s « Wood Campus ». It is an industrial research and development agency that is also competent in technical expertise and information gathering and transfer. It provides its clients in the paper pulp, paper, cardboard and related industries with scientific and technical support they need.

The CTP has a role of technology transfer to companies in the paper manufacturing sector. It develops their competitiveness and innovation, and provides its clients with laboratory services.

COMPETITIVE CLUSTER « North East natural fibers »

Its head office, labelized in 2005, is located on the Wood Campus.